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You can donate your chosen amount to the Charitable Trust via the donate button on this page, using either a secure Credit / Debit Card transaction, or Paypal funds. All transactions are encrypted, so we are never sent your details, just the donation. We we give 100% of your donation to a major charity, which we choose regularly. You can send a message to the Charitable Trust with your donation should you want to.

Every donation is extremely important to us and all the charities that we support. For our events, we sometimes ask for donations of gifts and auctionable items. In the past our supporters have been very generous, donating a luxury holiday, a car, and other such desirable gifts. If you are able to and would like to contribute in this way then please contact us.

A BIG Thank You to all of our supporters and donors


The Penny West Charitable Trust - Registered charity no. 1096559